Panel #1 – Staying Steadfast in a Shifting Culture

This panel will explore how Christians can and should respond to many of today’s hot button issues.  Along with what the Bible has to say about these major issues, panelists will consider the proper tone and posture to take to said issues.

Speakable Sins: Learning to Deal with the Sins We Say, and What They Say to Us

God is faithful in every word he speaks, but we are not. In this breakout session, we’ll learn a practical gospel method for dealing with sins of speech. And we’ll see how to put this gospel method into practice with particular speech sins such as gossip, dishonesty, and complaining.

A Light Shines in the Darkness: How God Pursues the Depressed

Depression is one of the most feared and difficult human experiences-especially for Christians. While spiritual legends such as C.H. Spurgeon and Martin Lloyd-Jones have shared their struggles with depression, we are often scared to let others into our depression, guilt and confusion. Depression often asks where God is and why he let this happen. Our goal will be to gain a better biblical understanding of depression in order to see how God cares for his hurting children so we can come to him in our own depression and help others do the same.

Friends, Lovers, and Sinners: Why Jesus’ Faithfulness is the Hope for your Marriage

Marriage is one of the most amazing gifts God gave humanity. When a man and a woman join together in covenant marriage, something utterly unique is created. Though the “two become one” that doesn’t mean the oneness is free of struggles, sometimes very serious ones. Fortunately, Jesus offers us not only the model but the covenant faithfulness we need for our marriages to become all God intends them to be.

Serving Without Sinking: How Your Church (and You) Can Serve Truly Joyfully

Being part of Jesus’ work is meant to be joyful. Yet Christian service easily leaves us feeling irritated, exhausted, guilty, proud or bitter. Even if you’re not struggling with that, chances are a sizeable chunk of your church membership is—and the more we serve, the greater the dangers. In this breakout we’ll look at the greatest Servant, and at what Christian service actually is (and isn’t)—so that our churches can be excited to serve sacrificially, sustainably… and with a (non-superficial) smile.

Wrestling Well with Doubt: How Faithful Christians Can and Do Walk through Doubt

Is it wrong for Christians to have doubts? Is doubt the opposite of belief? Am I the only one who has doubts? We’ll consider these questions and more as we explore what the Bible has to say about doubt, and how to wrestle with it faithfully.

Why the Gift of Faith is Critical for the Future

Fulfilling God’s mission doesn’t only require faithfulness to the message. It requires faith in God. This seminar will explore the critical necessity of the spiritual gift of faith for the forward motion of the gospel in any city.

Everyday Mission for Everyday People

The call of Jesus in Matt. 28 to ‘make disciples’ seems like it has gotten delegated to the professional pastors, missionaries, theologians in our world. Yet, for the follower of Jesus, Matt. 28 is our job description, it is our call, it is who we are; disciples who make disciples. In an ever increasing culture of busyness, how are we to do this? In this session we will explore 6 daily rhythms that all people, from all cultures, throughout all time have done, and how today you and I can redeem these to be a movement of disciple makers.

Panel #2 – Worship: Toward a Faithful Theology and Practice

Everyone worships. The question is who or what you are worshipping. As Christians seeking faithfully to worship the Triune God in step with scripture, how can we refine our thought and practice to bring glory to God as we find our joy and delight in him? Check out this panel for a deep discussion on the definition and practice of biblical worship in the local church.

The Power of Praying God’s Promises

Many believers find their prayers lacking focus and faith and answers are often too few to keep them motivated to continue. The answer to this dilemma is to learn to quote God’s word back Him when in prayer. Learning to pray Scripture has the potential to revolutionize a person’s prayer life.

The Wholeness Imperative: How Christ Applies the Greatest Commandment to the Life of the Believer

Where there is sin, there is fragmentation. If you haven’t experienced this before, look again. Just as in the garden, sin always leads to secrecy and separation from our Creator. But he calls us to more, and he makes the path to wholeness available to us through the person and work of Jesus Christ. In light of his gospel, the Greatest Commandment (Deut 6:4-5) becomes a description of the wholeness that we have through our fellowship with Jesus.

Faithfully Growing a Disciple-Making Culture in Your Church

Disciple-making is the mission of the church. But it doesn’t just happen because a church exists and people show up. It is a deliberate and deeply relational process. Disciple-making at its core is the practice of evangelizing the lost, establishing believers in the faith, and equipping leaders – all within the context of a local church. That sounds simple enough, but what does it actually look like? How do church members get involved in it? And how do pastors lead their churches in it? This session will offer practical ideas on this vital topic.

Faithful Parenting

As parents we can feel swing like a pendulum out of control, vacillating between permissiveness and severity. We can even feel that our lives have gone off the rails. How can we gain some equilibrium? The theology of law & gospel serves as more than an abstract concept for theologians but a very sound and helpful approach to parenting that may make all the difference in our lives. Join us as we discuss this important truth and its application to parenting children of all ages.

Fighting for Real Joy in the Midst of Difficult Circumstances

It’s all too easy to lose our joy when life gets hard. This talk is a practical discussion on how to fight for joy no matter what’s doing on around us. It is grounded in Scripture and loaded with real world application.

Neighboring & the Mission of God

When Jesus was asked by religious leaders to reduce all of the commandments found in scripture to just ‘one’, he distilled them to two: ‘love God, and love your neighbors too.” You see, we can’t really love God without loving our neighbor, and we can’t love our neighbor without loving God. What would happen if every believer and church community took Jesus words seriously? Our neighborhoods, towns and cities would be impacted immediately with the love of Jesus Christ through our lives and actions. This seminar takes practical aim at the biblical mandate to love the people in our neighborhoods wisely in our New England context, in ways that Christ may be seen and heard.